The 25 greatest mic moments in wrestling history

#14 “I screwed Bret!” — Shawn Michaels on Aug. 15, 2005 in WWE

Everyone in the WWE Universe knew that Shawn Michaels’ return to the site of 1997’s “Montreal Screwjob” was going to be controversial. But when Michaels came strutting down the aisle with his Heartbreak Kid swagger and a punchable smirk not seen since his most insufferable Kliq years, a full-scale riot became a very real possibility.

Did Michaels shy away from the bubbling animosity? Hell no. Instead, he egged it on, greeting a crowd still feeling the sting of Bret Hart’s public mistreatment with, “Who’s your daddy, Montreal?” before launching into a nasty rendition of the Canadian national anthem. HBK’s well-being was already at stake before the “Hit Man’s” music hit. When Hart failed to show up, a bratty Michaels mocked the audience again by saying, “Got your hope up just a little bit, didn’t I?” It’s a miracle the man made it out of Montreal alive. — R.M.