The 20 most dangerous Superstars ever

#15 Rick Rude

You have to be a tough guy to pull off some of the things Rick Rude did. How many men could airbrush the face of another man’s wife on their tights and still live to tell the tale? Only “The Ravishing One.”

“Some guys just have a mean streak,” Jim Ross said of the former Intercontinental Champion. “He was born tough. I think that Rick Rude truly enjoyed having a skirmish.”

Rude had plenty of brawls under his belt before even stepping in the ring. A successful arm wrestler, “Ravishing” Rick also worked as a bouncer in Minnesota. Any guy with enough liquor in him to even think about stepping up to Rude quickly learned a lesson.

“Rude’s knocked dozens of guys out with the palm of his hand,” Ross said. “He was not going to get himself in any situations he couldn’t handle. He would not be intimidated; he had no fear.”

That kind of attitude made Rude perfect for the callous world of pro wrestling.

“He liked to be challenged and liked to prove that he was a better man than whoever was standing across from him,” Ross said. — B.M.