The 20 most dangerous Superstars ever

#17 Scott Steiner

Amateur wrestling is unique among sports. The intensity it requires, along with the fact that it’s an individual effort, can affect people. It’s hard to shake off the aggression and go back to everyday life. It was that mindset that gave the sports-entertainment world Scott Steiner.

“When you have a world-class athlete like Scott and they get engaged in a sport that is as grueling and physically demanding as wrestling as a child, you become a different man,” Jim Ross told “If you’re successful, by the time you go to college, you’re a different dude than the other guys graduating high school.”

That aggressive attitude made Scott Steiner a successful wrestler at the University of Michigan. It also made him successful in the ring. He was a multiple-time tag team champion in WCW and WWE, as well as WCW World Champion. But his temper made him someone not to be messed with.

“He had that aura of competitiveness and not a lot of patience,” Ross said. “He had a short fuse and didn’t mind saying what was on his mind, because a.) he believed it to be true and b.) what are you going to do about it?” — B.M.