The 20 most dangerous Superstars ever

#19 "Cowboy" Bill Watts

Bill Watts had the pedigree to be successful in professional wrestling. Standing 6-foot-3 and weighing close to 300 pounds, with a background in amateur wrestling and college football, Watts certainly knew he could take care of business in the ring.

“He had natural ability and confidence,” Jim Ross said of Watts. “But he had a real nasty attitude.”

It was that attitude that made Watts feared in both the squared circle and the barroom. If anyone had the gall to question Watts’ work in the ring, they quickly got a lesson in why the Cowboy was the best wrestler in the Mid-South region.

“He was involved in a lot of street fights,” Ross said. “But he had the athletic skills to back it up.”

Watts knew he was tough, and expected the same from his wrestlers. Even after he retired from full-time active competition, the WWE Hall of Famer would still get in the ring and train potential grapplers his way.

“He would assert his will on these guys to find out how badly they really wanted to be a wrestler,” Ross said of Watts’ extremely rough training sessions. “To describe it, it would be easy to say it wasn’t pretty.” — BOBBY MELOK