The 20 Icons of The Attitude Era

#19 Shane McMahon

“I don’t listen to you anymore.”

With that in-ring proclamation to his father, Mr. McMahon, on the Oct. 26, 1998, edition of Raw, Shane McMahon cemented himself as his own man while the entire WWE Universe looked on. Stepping out of his father’s imposing shadow, Shane was determined to forge his own path, even going so far as to team up with his sister Stephanie to challenge their father for control of WWE in the WCW/ECW Invasion of 2001. Despite their differences, however, Shane and The Chairman did see eye-to-eye on occasion, with Shane’s Royal Rumble 1999 training sessions with dear old dad bringing the WWE Universe some of The Attitude Era’s most laugh-out-loud moments.

Shane was nothing to laugh about in the ring, however, displaying incredible athleticism and the cat-like reflexes befitting his sports-entertainment upbringing. Spectacularly putting his body on the line against some of WWE’s most formidable Superstars, Shane-O-Mac would earn victories over X-Pac, Big Show, Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman, capturing the European and Hardcore Titles in the process.