The 15 most underrated stables of all time

#15 The Union

Key members: Mankind, Big Show, Ken Shamrock, Test

At a time when the evil amalgamation of Shane McMahon’s Corporation and The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness had taken over WWE, a group of wayward heroes banded together to start an uprising.

On the May 5, 1999, edition of Raw, Mankind, Ken Shamrock, Big Show and Test — all men who had been insulted, assaulted or otherwise subjugated by The Corporate Ministry — stood together with 2x4s in their hands and dared to confront “the most omnipotent force” of The Deadman, Triple H and, uh, Pete Gas.

Watch the formation of The Union

Identified by The Hardcore Legend as The Union of People You Oughta Respect, Son — thankfully shortened to The Union — the group briefly succeeded in shaking up the ranks of The Corporate Ministry before a serious knee injury put Mankind out of action. It was a fleeting alliance, but, man, did their theme song rule. — RYAN MURPHY