"Stone Cold's" 15 Biggest Stunners

#14 Monday Night Raw, Dec. 29, 1997

Stunned Superstar: Goldust

Goldust went through a number of different looks in WWE, ranging from his tried-and-true gold face paint and blond wig to outfits that were downright outlandish. Filed under the latter category was the New Year Baby ensemble he wore on Raw’s final episode of 1997. With a sash reading “1998” draped over his shoulder, an oversized baby bottle in hand and a diaper covering his rear, Goldust proudly threw his hat in the ring to compete in the 1998 Royal Rumble Match. (WATCH)

Another entrant in that year’s Rumble, Austin, did not take kindly to Goldust’s New Year wish. With Goldust watching on from ringside, Austin stormed the ring and demanded that his “special gift” for Goldust be lowered into the ring. A boxy object cloaked in black was soon revealed to be a portable toilet labeled “Crapper 3:16.” After Goldust tried to sneak up behind Austin, The Rattlesnake sprang into action, Stunning Goldust and tossing him into the receptacle for the disreputable. “Don’t try to squeeze the Charmin while you’re in there,” Jim Ross hollered from the announce desk.