"Stone Cold's" 15 Biggest Stunners

#15 In Your House: D-Generation X

Stunned Superstar: D-Lo Brown

The first pay-per-view match between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock featured an especially memorable Stunner, but it wasn’t used against The Great One. Instead, it was The Rock’s Nation of Domination stable-mate D-Lo Brown who ate the jaw-jarring Stunner that fans still rave about today.

Coming off a nearly career-ending neck injury, Austin entered the ringside area in spectacular fashion, driving a black truck that had "Stone Cold’s" unmistakable “Smoking Skull” emblem on its hood. Before the bell could sound for his Intercontinental Title Match against The Rock, Austin was jumped by Nation members Brown, Faarooq and Mustafa. The Texas Rattlesnake courageously fought off the militant group, eventually backdropping Brown over the top rope and onto the truck’s hood and windshield. From there, Austin dragged Brown’s limp body to the top of the cab and delivered an enormous Stunner.