Sports-entertainment’s 15 most crushing losses

#13 Jeff Hardy brutalizes his brother (Backlash 2009)

Jeff Hardy seemed to have a black cloud over his head. Every time he got close to the WWE Championship, something seemed to stop him. But it never occurred to anybody that it would be Jeff’s own blood, Matt Hardy, who would add to his title troubles. Ever since competing together as a tag team, some questioned who the superior Hardy really was.

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As history would show, Jeff was the one to come out on top. However, Matt was convinced that he could prove the WWE Universe wrong, costing Jeff his championship at  Royal Rumble 2009 and stealing his moment at WrestleMania XXV. But the family feud would not end there. The last chapter of this rivalry came at Backlash 2009 when the two brothers faced off in an ”I Quit” Match. It was there that Jeff proved Matt would always be known as the Hardy who quit when it mattered the most.