Sports-entertainment’s 15 most crushing losses

#14 Lita loses her farewell match (Survivor Series 2006)

Carrying the vaunted Women’s Championship into battle against Mickie James at Survivor Series 2006, the then-egotistical Lita knew when she arrived at Philadelphia’s Wachovia Center that the night’s bout would be her swan song. That knowledge, though, did little to soften the blow when James pinned the controversial Diva’s shoulders to the mat for the three-count.

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Losing her title on the final night of her career, an irate Lita, claiming to be “The Greatest Women’s Champion of All Time,” lambasted the Philadelphia crowd for a vocal show of disrespect for the departing Diva. To add insult to, well, insult, Cryme Tyme emerged from the locker room area with a box full of Lita’s most personal belongings and proceeded to hock the items to WWE Universe members at ringside. Despite what she might have hoped, Lita’s final night in WWE was punctuated not by pomp and circumstance, but by shame and humiliation.