Sports-entertainment's 20 most bizarre hometowns

#20 The Bowery — Raven

One stop south of Skid Row on the subway line to The Land of Extreme sits The Bowery, a gritty slum lined with flophouses and trash heaps. When Raven wasn’t banging his head to the wails of grunge at the area’s landmark CBGB rock club, he might have been and inside a dive pub with other gutter punks drowning his sorrows.

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But if Joey Ramone was around today to return to his seedy stomping grounds, he might be surprised at what he’d find: a trendy hotel, a Whole Foods Market and an avant-garde art museum. At least CB’s is still around, right? Don’t count on it. We doubt Raven digs the John Varvatos boutique in its place. So much for hardcore. — ZACH LINDER