Editors’ Choice: 6 Seth Rollins replacements

Adrian Neville

Seth Rollins was The Shield’s go-to high-flyer. If Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are looking for a new aerial expert, there’s no one better to fill the spot than reigning NXT Champion Adrian Neville.

A world-traveled competitor, Neville’s arsenal of high-flying maneuvers is unlike anything the WWE Universe has ever seen. Seemingly able to defy the laws of physics, Neville’s moniker of “The Man That Gravity Forgot” is well-earned. He can flip out of any situation and land on his feet with deceptive ease. Every time he takes flight, Neville soars through the air with equal parts grace and reckless abandon, risking his well-being for the pursuit of victory.

A true daredevil, the most impressive move in Neville’s game plan is the Red Arrow, a jaw-dropping, gravity-defying Shooting Star Press with a few mid-air rotations thrown in, just because he can. While Seth Rollins is a formidable flier, Neville might be the best to ever do it. That would make him the perfect fit for The Shield, as long as the flak jacket and combat boots don’t weigh him down. — BOBBY MELOK