The 5 most shocking WWE Draft picks

#4 Paul Heyman is drafted from SmackDown to Raw: March 22, 2004

Paul Heyman’s been drawn to drama since before the birth of the cell phone, but not even “Paul E. Dangerously” likes to be at its epicenter. During the 2004 WWE Draft, then–Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff randomly selected Heyman to join the Raw roster, in a bizarre turn of events indeed. The lottery pick proved that no one was immune to the WWE Draft, including authority figures.

After years of accusing the former WCW head of pilfering his best ECW competitors in the 1990s — including the likes of Chris Jericho, Eddie GuerreroRey Mysterio and Dean Malenko — Heyman was fated to work for his nemesis, performing such menial tasks as doing Bischoff’s laundry and washing his car. The extreme innovator needed an escape, and needed it fast.

In a scene made all the more pitiable by the brace encircling Heyman’s neck, the skulleted strategist did the only thing that seemed natural at the time and quit WWE. It wouldn’t be the last time.

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