Rey Mysterio's 10 greatest WWE matches

#10 Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk: Over the Limit (May 23, 2010)

Before he was the voice of a generation, CM Punk was pretty much a slimeball. Formerly the puppet master behind a group of dead-eyed zombies he dubbed his "Straight Edge Society," Punk sought to induct Rey Mysterio into his misguided horde. So desperate was he to do so, he put his oily mop on the line against Rey in a bout that was billed as a "Straight Edge Society Pledge versus Hair Match."

Determined to rid the bizarre Superstar from his life, Mysterio accepted the challenge and very nearly fell to the disturbed competitor. Overwhelmed by the outside interference of The Straight Edge Society, Rey received an unlikely assist from Kane, who hit the ring to chase Punk’s cronies back to the locker room. With no distractions, The Master of the 619 dropped his opponent with a seated crucifix for the win and then sheared his greasy locks. (WATCH)