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10 Superstars for a post-apocalyptic world

10 Superstars for a post-apocalyptic world

The Anchor Bay Films and WWE Studios thriller "The Day" features a band of survivors fighting to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.


Just in case such a situation should ever actually occur, WWE Classics has determined which Superstars we'd want by our side. Each choice possesses specific skills that would come in handy after the end of the world. Check out our 10 picks.

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The Road Warriors

10 Superstars for a post-apocalyptic world

Call them The Legion of Doom or call them The Road Warriors, just don't call Hawk and Animal late for dinner, because they are hungry for competition. These multi-time tag team champions in nearly every conceivable wrestling organization know what it takes to be successful while operating as part of a group. The Road Warriors have dominated the competition on several continents, and can lead a crew of survivors to safety in a dangerous post-apocalyptic wasteland, no matter where that may be. ( WATCH)

The Great Khali

10 Superstars for a post-apocalyptic world

It couldn't hurt to have a giant on our side, and The Great Khali is as big as they come. Using his intimidating size and powerful Vise Grip, The Punjabi Playboy can stop anybody who gets in our way. And if there are no immediate threats, at least he can lead a dance party. ( WATCH)

Adam Bomb

10 Superstars for a post-apocalyptic world

Not only was Adam Bomb enormous, but the man was also straight up atomic. Hailing from Three Mile Island -- the site in Pennsylvania of a partial nuclear meltdown in 1979 -- Bomb unleashed his brand of wrath in WWE during the early to mid-1990s. We'd love to have him by our side after a worldwide fallout since his managers Johnny Polo and Harvey Wippleman will have likely perished. Hopefully we won't catch a case of "The China Syndrome." ( WATCH)

The Big Boss Man

10 Superstars for a post-apocalyptic world

It doesn't matter if he's wearing a blue cop uniform or black security gear. As long as The Big Boss Man's got his nightstick, we'll take the Cobb County, Ga., native any way we can get him. No Superstar in WWE has the experience of dealing with hostile adversaries quite like the former correctional officer. The former four-time Hardcore Champion knows what it takes to win a fight, and how to be part of a team. His Twin Towers tandem alongside Akeem gave The Mega Powers of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage quite a test in the late 1980s. ( WATCH)

Brodus Clay

10 Superstars for a post-apocalyptic world

Having already defied extinction when an asteroid pummeled Earth, this groovy dude knows how to survive: the power of funk. Brodus knows what it takes to lead a crew of backup dancers after many of his friends have been destroyed. The Funkasaurus will throw up those tiny dino arms and won't disappoint in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. ( WATCH)

Shawn Michaels

10 Superstars for a post-apocalyptic world

Since retiring from the ring in 2010, "Mr. Hall of Fame" has turned his hunting hobby into a career. As the host of Outdoor Channel's "MacMillan River Adventures," Shawn Michaels and his co-host Keith Mark embark on tracking down the biggest game animals in the wild -- and we don't mean The Undertaker. The Showstopper is a true outdoorsman, and his savvy along with a passion for success would make HBK a great asset in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. And oh, did we mention he's one of the greatest wrestlers ever? ( WATCH)

The Miz

10 Superstars for a post-apocalyptic world

This WWE Triple Crown Champion has made a name for himself as one of WWE's most cunning and brash Superstars. Food will be at a premium after the end of the world, and we'll need to eat to stay alive. The Miz, a former WrestleMania main eventer, certainly has made his fair share of enemies in WWE. It would be nice to have an awesomely easy decision of who to prey on first for nourishment. The Miz is, after all, "the most must-eat WWE Champion." ( WATCH)

The Disciples of the Apocalypse

10 Superstars for a post-apocalyptic world

Now here are four thugs who will be right at home after the end of the world. The D.O.A. ran roughshod over WWE tag teams during the beginnings of the Attitude Era after Crush was fired from The Nation of Domination. Together with Chainz, Skull and 8-Ball, these motorcycle-riding apocalyptic apostles can show us the lay of the land once everything has been destroyed ( WATCH)


10 Superstars for a post-apocalyptic world


She's sly and cunning, but a Diva of her authority is a welcome addition to any group of hot-blooded survivors. Whether you yearn for her or despise her, Eve knows what it takes to get what she wants. ( WATCH)

Mick Foley

10 Superstars for a post-apocalyptic world

With so many natural abilities, it's hard to say which of The Hardcore Legend's skills will most come in handy. The multi-time WWE Champion and New York Times best-selling author has both the brawn and the brains to be an asset in any situation. And when the going gets tough, his talent as a comedian will help bring smiles to our faces. But mostly, he'll just make the apocalypse a better place for all mankind. ( WATCH)

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