15 Superstars and Divas that should return for one more match

#4 Bret Hart

To succeed in today’s WWE, you gotta have "Hart"?

Yes, indeed. Bret "Hit Man" Hart was truly on everybody’s hit list as the WWE Champion, waging wars against the likes of Shawn Michaels, Sycho Sid and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. To this day, The Excellence of Execution stands as the benchmark of technical superiority. And after Hart returned to action at WrestleMania XXVI to face McMahon, he left the faithful thirsty for more.

With all the talk about who is the "The Best in the World," how about "The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be." Imagine the clinic that would be put on if Daniel Bryan’s "No!" Lock were to square off against the Sharpshooter.

But no matter who he took on, at the very least, we would get to see those sunglasses again.