15 Superstars and Divas that should return for "one more match"

#7 Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle probably doesn’t need to come back to WWE for one more match. He’s done it all already, but screw it. We want Angle back for one more match. Know why? Because of Daniel Bryan.

If there’s one dude out there who can go Greco-Roman knuckle lock for Greco-Roman knuckle lock with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion it’s the Olympic Gold Medalist. That’s a dream match that still has the chance to become a reality — and it won’t be that way for long. Angle has the work ethic of an Amish dairy farmer and his obsession with doing everything the hard way has taken its toll on a body that he’d like us — and, even more so, himself — to believe is unbreakable. But the guy is in his mid-40s with nagging injuries and if he wants to keep up with D-Bry he’ll need to do it soon. Otherwise, there won’t be any time for one more match. — RYAN MURPHY