Obscure action figures you never knew existed!


Superstars change their devotions the same way Rey Mysterio changes masks –  which is good news for the WWE fans who tune in expecting intrigue, but bad news for the unfortunate souls that make the action figures. That had to be what happened to JAKKS Pacific in 1999 when it was about to release a toy depicting the towering fearsomeness of Kurrgan.

Where's Kurrgan now? | Watch Kurrgan in action

The figure was set to be released just as the 7-footer decided to become a happy-go-lucky doofus in rainbow tights. Rather than start over and put a smirk on the face of their sculpt, JAKKS Pacific simply added goofy clothing to their old, angry figure. Then they spelled his name wrong on the packaging. Talk about an oddity. — RYAN MURPHY