WWE's Most Heated Sibling Rivalries

Spike & The Dudleys (Bubba Ray & D-Von)

The runt of the Dudley family, Spike, was the polar opposite of his brothers Bubba Ray and D-Von. Bubba and D-Von were larger competitors who often resorted to pure brawn when competing, while Spike was small in stature, weighing about 150 pounds soaking wet. Nonetheless, Spike was a formidable opponent and did not back down from any challenge.

During an intense rivalry with Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman, Bubba Ray and D-Von turned on Spike and the runt of the family took the brunt of punishment from The Dudleys. Throughout 1998, Spike was at odds with his brothers and recruited a series of tag team partners to challenge Bubba and D-Von, including Dreamer, New Jack and Balls Mahoney. On two separate occasions, Spike and Mahoney defeated The Dudleys for the ECW Tag Team Championships.

Eventually, the tension between the Dudley siblings subsided — until they all competed in WWE. At first, all The Dudleys seemed to coexist happily in WWE. Spike even aided his brothers during their TLC Match at WrestleMania X-Seven. However, Bubba Ray and D-Von soon turned on their little brother once again.

Spike believed that adopting the same strategy he employed in ECW would be effective in dealing with his brothers. Once again, he recruited various Superstars to challenge his brothers. The difference this time was that Spike was able to pick from the entire WWE locker room and recruited the likes of Kane, Trish Stratus, Big Show, Tazz and The APA. Just as he had in ECW, Spike defeated his brother for the World Tag Team Championship, this time with fellow ECW-alum Tazz. (WATCH: KANE & SPIKE DUDLEY VS. THE DUDLEY BOYZ)

Following the WWE Draft in 2002, Bubba Ray and D-Von went their separate ways and Spike reunited with Bubba before reconciling completely with both brothers.