Dirty dozen: Mick Foley's 12 wildest matches

The Hardcore Legend and a father of four, Mick Foley authored a remarkable career defined by stark dichotomy. Before arriving in WWE, the soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer competed in some of the most barbaric and gruesome matches ever to take place in a wrestling ring. These grizzly encounters pushed in-ring brutality to unthinkable extremes, yet they endeared Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy to a global audience that recognized his sacrifices.


But after winning the WWE Title in January 1999, Mick became better known for pulling a sock out of a pair of sweatpants, cracking jokes and living up to his reputation as a beloved family man.

What made such a bright, funny and kind man — a man so sentimental that he maintains a Christmas Room in his house year-round — commit such unthinkably brutal acts? In advance of Mick Foley’s upcoming WWE Hall of Fame induction at Madison Square Garden, WWEClassics.com sat down with The Hardcore Legend himself to better understand the 12 wildest bouts of his reckless career — as Mick put it, a true “dirty dozen.”

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