Kaitlyn's top 10 Superstar mustaches

#9 "Ravishing" Rick Rude

Everything about “Ravishing” Rick Rude oozed sexy: the chiseled body, the unparalleled confidence and even the mustache. Rude’s lip sweater was as much part of his persona as the hip swiveling and airbrushed tights that made him one of the top Superstars during the late 1980s. But does a modern woman like Kaitlyn go for The Ravishing One’s ’stache today?

Unfortunately, not. It turns out the Facebook photo duckface doesn’t do it for Kaitlyn. And while digging through the WWE photo archives, we were hard pressed to find a photo of Rude where he wasn’t blowing imaginary kisses.

“I’m not liking it because he’s making a kissy face,” she said. “It looks like a Myspace photo.”