Kaitlyn's top 10 Superstar mustaches

#10 Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Whether you loved him or hated him, there’s no question that Jake “The Snake” Roberts creeped everybody out at some point. Maybe it was the fact that he carried around a humongous python in a sack slung over his shoulder, the way he slithered around the ring like a reptile or the mustache he wore on his face, something (or everything) about Roberts made people uneasy.

But while snakes aren’t known for their facial hair, Roberts’ soup strainer only added to his eerie persona. Kaitlyn concurred.

“He looks like he has stuff hiding in his mustache,” The Hybrid Diva said. “Not a bird’s nest — that’s too small — but maybe there’s a tiny mustache comb hidden in there and then some macaroni.”

While we can’t say for sure whether “The Snake” hid foreign objects in his ’stache, we wouldn’t put it past the slimy Superstar.