Kaitlyn's top 10 Superstar mustaches

What is a mustache? According to former WWE NXT Rookie Eli Cottonwood, it’s “a little bit of hair growing over the upper lip.” (WATCH) While Eli’s not too far off the mark, we here at WWE Classics think mustaches can be so much more. Countless wrestlers throughout the years have adorned their faces with lip fur that would make Burt Reynolds jealous. These Superstars’ mustaches have become so synonymous with them that if they shaved them off, it would be like looking at entirely different men.

But whose ’stache reigns supreme? To find out the answer to this burning question, we went to the WWE’s ultimate authority on mustaches, the lovely Kaitlyn. The Diva is a self-described “mustache enthusiast” and was more than happy to help us settle the score when it comes to sports-entertainment’s best lip warmer. (PHOTOS)

So without further ado, WWE Classics is proud to present Wrestling’s Greatest Mustaches, as determined by Kaitlyn!