WWE composer Jim Johnston's 10 favorite entrance themes

The Prime Time Players

“ ‘Making Moves’ is a new track that was done with Sugar Tongue Slim,” Johnston said while discussing The Prime Time Players’ catchy entrance theme. “[Sugar Tongue] was kind enough to do the rap for us and he was a pleasure to work with.”

The cocky duo of Titus O’Neil and Darren Young needed a theme that complemented their brash personas. And after looking at the pair in action, it didn’t take Johnston long to put one together.

“That was one that just came quickly. I looked at these guys and knew what I wanted to do and knew the tempo,” Johnston said. “I wanted to do something that was obvious, but also not so obvious.”

The staccato drumbeat of the track matched with the undeniable charisma of the Atlanta MC produced a hip hop cut that wouldn’t be out of place on major radio — proof that WWE has come a long way since the days of Men on a Mission. The composer wasn’t shy about how he felt about the final product.

“I think this theme is going to take The Prime Time Players to a whole new level.”