First encounters: How 5 of WWE’s most legendary rivalries began

The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian — April 17, 1999 (Shotgun Saturday Night)

Architects of The Attitude Era’s tag team resurgence, The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian were responsible for some of the most gravity-defying feats ever witnessed in (or above) a WWE ring. Yet, before they were diving off ladders or crashing through tables, they were clashing in smaller-scale bouts, the first of which occurred on the April 17, 1999, edition of Shotgun Saturday Night.

As members of the vampiric Brood, Edge & Christian had the benefit of having the snarling Gangrel at ringside, who turned the bout a three-on-two affair. Ever resilient against these odds, Matt & Jeff showcased the unity that would make them six-time World Tag Team Champions. However, the ever-opportunistic Canadians were able to isolate Matt and score a pinfall on the elder Hardy.

That early defeat to Edge & Christian would only drive The Hardys to reach greater heights. Just as steel sharpens steel, both teams went on to benefit from an intensely competitive series of matches that transformed them into true sports-entertainment innovators. — JAMES WORTMAN