The high-risk history of Scaffold Matches

Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee

Arguably the most infamous Scaffold Match in sports-entertainment history occurred at ECW’s High Incident event in 1996.

Throughout much of that year, Tommy Dreamer found himself embroiled in intense battles with his arch nemesis Raven’s bodyguard, Brian Lee. The pair brawled anytime they were in the vicinity of each other and the score would be settled in a Scaffold Match inside the ECW Arena. In true extreme fashion, a new twist was added to this particular battle: a series of tables was stacked up below the scaffold suspended above the ring.

The scaffold, which had been constructed by ECW’s Sandman, rocked back and forth uncontrollably as the two competitors exchanged blows. With the ECW faithful anxiously awaiting the carnage that was certain, the battle — and rivalry — ended when The Extreme Icon delivered a series of punches, knocking Lee off the scaffold and through the stacks of tables below