The 30 greatest WWE action figures ever!

#29 Jimmy Hart (1986)

“The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart found his way into WWE action figure collections in the 1980s, and it’s not because we had an affinity for bright red megaphones (okay, maybe we did). But regardless, this figure of the celebrated manager and 2005 WWE Hall of Famer was essential, dressed in an outfit as shrill as his trademark, high-pitched voice, including a pink tie paired with a crimson shirt and a white jacket covered in oversized musical notes.

Posed with that aforementioned megaphone molded onto his right hand, this unarticulated Hart figure also featured his left index finger perpetually pointed to his side — ideal for chatting up his clients during playtime interviews … or mouthing off to referees in the midst of living-room rug championship bouts.