Brock Lesnar's world of hurt

Brock Lesnar runs wild on Hulkamania

Brock encountered perhaps his toughest test yet on the Aug. 8, 2002, edition of SmackDown when he put his SummerSlam WWE Championship opportunity on the line against The Immortal Hulk Hogan. During the generation-spanning matchup, Hogan attempted his familiar series of maneuvers: powerful right hands, the big boot and renowned Leg Drop that had grounded so many giants in The Hulkster's career. But Lesnar wasn't just any giant. Lesnar was stronger, more agile and hungrier than any monster Hogan had ever faced.

Hulk dropped the big leg, but Lesnar kicked out with authority and took control. The beast nailed an F-5, but did not to go for the pinfall, instead choosing to humiliate The Immortal One by locking Hulk in a powerful bear hug. The referee dropped Hogan's arm once, then twice and finally a third time. There would be no more "Hulking up" on this night. Brock Lesnar had defeated Hulk Hogan.

Following the contest, The Hulkster struggled to his feet as Lesnar returned to the ring to dominate Hogan with a steel chair. Brock manhandled Hulk like few had ever done before. He grabbed Hogan's head, and yelled in the face of The Immortal One. Hulk hadn't passed the torch. Lesnar just stole it. Hulkamania was dead, but Brockamania was just starting to run wild.