Trick or Treat: The Best and Worst of WCW Halloween Havoc

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero

In 1997, WCW’s Cruiserweight division was one of the Atlanta-based organization’s premier attractions. At Halloween Havoc that same year, two of the brightest competitors in WCW battled for the coveted Cruiserweight Championship. Both Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero were in the process of building their legendary careers, and their match at the October extravaganza stole the show.

Guerrero’s Cruiserweight Title was at stake and, to up the ante, The Ultimate Underdog put his mask on the line. Rey was appropriately dressed for the battle in ring gear that resembled Lee Falk’s comic book character The Phantom. Channeling “The Ghost Who Walks,” Mysterio displayed his incredible abilities rivaled only by Guerrero’s own agility in a fast-paced Cruiserweight contest that left fans gasping for air. Following an incredible hurricanrana from the top rope, Mysterio secured the victory in a battle that would help define his early career.