They came from the audience: Superstars who debuted from the WWE Universe

Fit Finlay

Rivalries between Superstars aren’t always sparked by personal animosity, a championship or differences in moral standing. There have been times throughout WWE history when cultural clashes spill over into the squared circle, representing a struggle larger than individual opposition.

That was certainly the case during WCW Saturday Night on Jan. 27, 1996. The final contest of the evening featured Dusty Wolf taking on the snobbish English elitist Lord Steven Regal. All seemed normal until two minutes into the contest when Regal was pulled out of the ring and attacked by an apparent fan.

The assault was brutal and the attacker — clad in jeans and a Northern Ireland jacket — turned to the television audience and introduced himself as “The Belfast Bruiser” Fit Finlay. The mugging may have appeared random initially as though Regal somehow upset Finlay personally. Yet during the attack, The Belfast Bruiser turned to the television audience and revealed his true motives. Finlay unleashed 400 years of pent-up Irish aggression on the Atlanta-based organization’s British noble as the conflict between Great Britain and Northern Ireland manifested in WCW.