They came from the audience: Superstars who debuted from the WWE Universe


Many WWE fans remember the moment Earthquake crushed Hulk Hogan’s ribs with his patented Earthquake Splash. But before he was a destructive force that struck fear into the hearts of his opponents, the Vancouver, British Columbia, native was introduced to the WWE Universe during a strength contest between Ultimate Warrior and Dino Bravo.

On Nov. 11, 1989, Bravo and his manager Jimmy Hart decided the best way to truly test the strength of both Superstars was to select an audience member to sit on their backs as they performed pushups. The Warrior obliged, but the entire scenario was a cunning plot by The Mouth of the South. Almost immediately, Hart plucked a “surprised” Earthquake from the crowd and invited him to the squared circle.

In what appeared to be an impressive feat of strength, Bravo completed a set of pushups with The Natural Disaster on his back. When it was Warrior’s turn, however, the massive competitor attacked, revealing his true intentions. Following the brazen and devastating assault on Warrior, Earthquake was welcomed to WWE by his co-conspirators.