17 World Title Changes That Happened on Raw

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January 10, 2013

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Kane: WWE Championship Match (June 29, 1998)

Coming off a vicious First Blood Match at King of the Ring, few imagined "Stone Cold" Steve Austin would have the kind of fight left in him that he displayed from the get-go against Kane. Feeding off an electric crowd in Cleveland, "Stone Cold" unleashed a flurry of punches on the WWE Champion and inflicted further punishment on the outside. Every time The Big Red Monster used his brute strength to overpower Austin, The Texas Rattlesnake came firing right back, determined to regain the championship he lost to Kane the night before.

As The Undertaker came out to ringside to watch his half-brother fight, Austin impressively slipped out of Kane's Tombstone piledriver and ducked a big boot before dropping The Devil's Favorite Demon with a "Stone Cold" Stunner for the surprise victory. For good measure, Austin even gave The Deadman a Stunner as payback for helping Kane win the title at King of the Ring.

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