9 matches that deserved a sequel

Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu - Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: ECW One Night Stand 2006

More than 10 years after the two highfliers clashed in six-man battles in AAA, a lucha libre organization based in Mexico City, Rey Mysterio and Sabu met once again. And at ECW One Night Stand, it was for the World Championship.

Sabu had not appeared in WWE in the decade since ECW invaded Raw, but he re-emerged as part of ECW's rebirth in 2006. Scheduled to face Mysterio for his World Title at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom, Sabu made several appearances on WWE programming to prepare for the upcoming championship bout. On the pay-per-view, both Joey Styles and Tazz — a longtime Sabu rival — declared the bout a “dream match.”

Rey was no stranger to ECW rings, having made a name for himself in the States during the mid-1990s in his Extreme battles with Psicosis. (WATCH REY VS. PSICOSIS: MATCH 1, MATCH 2MATCH 3) But now Mysterio was representing SmackDown, and Sabu was the revered wildman. The two risk takers pulled out all the stops and the Extreme maniac treated the crowd to his unique brand of aerial maneuvers. Late in the contest, Sabu prepared a table draped across the ring apron and guardrail. With his opponent on top, the Arabian madman executed a triple-jump DDT through the table. Though the maneuver was legal under Extreme Rules, the bout was declared a draw due to feared injury sustained by both men. (WATCH)

The hardcore faithful clamored for a rematch, but the two innovators never appeared in a ring together again.