9 matches that deserved a sequel

WWE Champion The Rock vs. Eddie Guerrero: Raw, July 22, 2002

One night after winning the Undisputed Championship for the first time (WATCH), The Rock arrived on Raw to address the WWE Universe. But before he was able to speak more than just a few words, The People's Champion was shockingly interrupted by Eddie Guerrero. Each Superstar was no stranger to trading verbal barbs, and after a contentious exchange, the two electrifying competitors agreed to meet in the main event later that evening. If Latino Heat was successful in defeating the champion in the non-title bout, The Rock would put the championship on the line the following week.

The match was as thrilling as would be expected. Guerrero was impressive, manhandling The Brahma Bull on several occasions. But after the cruiserweight great missed his signature Frog Splash, The Great One was able to catch his foe with a ring-shattering spinebuster and People's Elbow for the pinfall victory. (WATCH) Eddie and Rocky met twice over the following month in tag team competition, but the two all-stars never again met in a singles encounter. By the time Eddie had climbed back up the ladder and became WWE Champion in 2004, The Rock was no longer a full-time active performer.