The truth behind 8 WWE urban legends

4. The Hardcore Title was the same WWE Title that Mr. Perfect smashed

When Mr. McMahon presented Mankind with the Hardcore Championship, the title was obviously a smashed version the classic “winged eagle” WWE Title with shattered plates held together by duct tape. Since the title’s inception, there has been an urban legend that the Hardcore Championship was made from a WWE Championship that once belonged to Hulk Hogan.


So what happened and why was the title smashed? On Saturday Night’s Main Event on Nov. 25, 1989, “Mean” Gene Okerlund conducted an interview with Mr. Perfect and The Genius. As the cap and gown clad goon pranced around the interview area, Mr. Perfect was down on one knee with a hammer in hand smashing the WWE Championship. The WWE Hall of Famer’s motive was to simply express his desire for a WWE Title opportunity.

The footage certainly makes it plausible that the Hardcore Title and the title Mr. Perfect smashed were one in the same. Unfortunately, no one really knows if they are — not even inaugural Hardcore Champion Mick Foley.

“I have no idea,” the WWE Hall of Famer told “But it makes ‘perfect’ sense.”