8 things you didn't know about the Hardcore Title

The Hardcore Title changed hands 10 times in one night

Not long after the introduction of the 24/7 rule to the Hardcore Championship, a raucous Battle Royal took place at WrestleMania 2000 that set the standard for title changes in WWE. On that night in Anaheim, Calif., Tazz, Viscera, The Mean Street Posse, The Acolytes, Hardcore Holly, Kaientai, The Headbangers and Crash Holly collided in a no holds barred brawl with a 15-minute time limit.

The rules stated that the last Superstar holding the championship when the clock ran out would be declared the winner, but title changes also counted during the bout. The championship shifted hands 10 times in the ensuing carnage — including a 24-second reign for the Posse’s Rodney— as the combatants battled through the bowels of the Arrowhead Pond. In the end, Hardcore Holly pinned his cousin Crash to officially win the title and the bout.