8 things you didn't know about the Hardcore Title

Mankind faced Ken Shamrock in the first Hardcore Title Match

The Hardcore Championship was introduced on the Nov. 2, 1998, edition of Raw when Mr. McMahon awarded the title to Mankind. The WWE Chairman offered the prize up as a present to the kindhearted brawler with the caveat that Mankind not interfere in a bout between The Rock and Ken Shamrock later in the evening.

The oddball title may have become a sports-entertainment footnote in the hands of any other Superstar, but Mick Foley — a competitor with a knack for making the best of any situation — turned a championship that looked like it had been handmade by a hyper third-grader into something worth fighting for. One week after being gifted the piece of outsider art, Mankind successfully defended the title against Shamrock in a physical brawl that ended on the entranceway. In the wake of that exciting bout, it was clear that Mr. McMahon had introduced something that was more than just a booby prize.