8 things you didn't know about the Hardcore Title

Raven held the Hardcore Title a record 27 times

Sure, Ric Flair’s 16 World Championship victories will forever stand as an unbelievable feat, but The Nature Boy will have to come out of retirement if he wants to match the title-winning prowess of Raven. A former ECW standout who often pushed a shopping cart full of weapons to the ring in WWE, Raven held the Hardcore Title on 27 separate occasions — a record not just for the Hardcore Championship, but for any title in WWE.

The grungy lowlife from The Bowery beat Steve Blackman on the Dec. 22, 2000, episode of Raw to win his first title. His subsequent reigns were always brief — his longest lasted 31 days — but gritty bouts like his WrestleMania X-Seven title defense against Kane and Big Show were impossible to forget. Raven won the Hardcore Title for the final time on Aug. 17, 2002, putting him five reigns ahead of runner-up Crash Holly.