8 things you didn't know about the Hardcore Title

You know what made the Hardcore Title so fun — apart from the giddy abandon of the 24/7 rule and the surreal sight of Al Snow and Hardcore Holly fighting for it in the Mississippi River? It was the championship’s complete lack of pretense. Where every other sports-entertainment prize was presented with bloated pomp, the Hardcore Title wasn’t encumbered by legendary lineages or epic main events — it was just a good excuse for guys to whack each other with garbage cans.

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The honesty of the Hardcore Championship’s insanity made it WWE’s most entertaining piece of hardware during its brief existence. And while it was relevant for less time than Chumbawamba, the busted title still managed to create some unique sports-entertainment records that stand to this day. With “extreme” on the minds of everyone in the WWE Universe, WWEClassics.com offers up eight things you may not have known about this unpredictable hunk of metal.

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