The 50 most beautiful people in sports-entertainment history

#15 John Morrison

John Morrison’s brash attitude was unmatched. He was the only Superstar confident enough to dub himself “The Shaman of Sexy.” The former Intercontinental Champion certainly had the credentials to back that nickname up. With a body that looked like it might have belonged to a Greek god, JoMo flaunted an eight-pack of abs that were, perhaps, the best in sports-entertainment history.

To add to that, Morrison had a thick head of brown hair that rivaled Fabio’s. His perfect tresses flowed in the gust of wind that magically blew through arenas upon Morrison’s slow-motion entrance. The Shaman of Sexy’s impeccable mane and ridiculously toned abs made him one of the dreamiest Superstars ever to step inside the squared circle. — B.M.