The 50 greatest matches in Raw history

#9 Cactus Jack vs. Triple H: Falls Count Anywhere Match (Sept. 22, 1997)

When Dude Love was scheduled to battle Triple H in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, the tie-dyed hippie appeared on the TitanTron, and informed his opponent that type of match "isn't exactly a love thing," and introduced the deranged Mankind instead. But Mankind also insisted there was an even more qualified competitor, and announced, "Cactus Jack ... is back!" The Game was furious, as he was not prepared to deal with the brutal style of the former King of the Death Matches, who had never before appeared in a WWE ring.

The New York City crowd became unglued as Jim Ross exclaimed, "Drastic times call for drastic measures! And for a man that has wrestled on nails and barbed wire and set himself on fire, this will be a day in Central Park!" And indeed it was, but not for Triple H, who lost the contest after Cactus drove him through a table while smiling from ear to missing ear. (WATCH FULL MATCH) Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy was home, but this rivalry was just getting started.