The 50 greatest matches in Raw history

#11 Triple H vs. Chris Jericho: WWE Championship Match (April 17, 2000)

Less than a year into his WWE tenure, Chris Jericho sent WWE fans in State College, Penn., into a frenzy when he pinned Triple H to win the WWE Championship on April 17, 2000. Or did he?

When referee Mike Chioda was knocked out at the turnbuckle, there was no official to count Jericho’s pinfall on The Game. Earl Hebner, who had previous issues with Triple H, slid onto the canvas as a replacement, but the power-mad champion shoved down Hebner in a fit of rage. Jericho nailed a springboard Lionsault and Hebner counted to three — a complete shock to the WWE Universe. Triple H was furious, but The APA held him back as Hebner scurried backstage.

But The Game wasn't satisfied. He forced his zebra-clad foe to return to the ring, and admit it was a fast count. After The Game promised to never put his hands on a referee again, Hebner reversed his decision, and awarded the championship back to its former owner. Accounting for Triple H's demands, the title change was stricken from the record books and is not officially recognized by WWE.