The 50 greatest matches in Raw history

#30 Al Snow vs. Road Dogg: Hardcore Title Match (Jan. 4, 1999)

Of all the wild, freewheeling Hardcore Matches that littered the sports-entertainment scene during the peak of the genre’s popularity in the late ’90s, few reached the giddy heights of pandemonium that this 1999 brawl between Road Dogg and Al Snow did. Taking place on the same historic night that Mick Foley won the WWE Title, the battle for WWE’s Hardcore Championship saw the two rivals brawling in the capacity crowd in the Worcester Centrum Centre, through the cement labyrinth of the backstage area and out into the snowy Worchester, Mass., streets.

Struggling to keep their footing on the icy blacktop while trading fists, Snow and Road Dogg fought into an alley as a swarm of rowdy New England fans began to gather around them. Finally, after surviving an onslaught of beer kegs, fire extinguishers and metal folding chairs, The New Age Outlaw spiked his unpredictable opponent headfirst through a pile of wooden pallets to win the bout and the Hardcore Title. (WATCH)