The 50 greatest matches in Raw history

#39 The Steiners vs. The Quebecers: Province of Quebec Rules Match (Sept. 13, 1993)

Johnny Polo and his Quebecers had the perfect plan for capturing the World Tag Team Titles — confuse the hell out of the champions. Jacques and Pierre challenged The Steiner Brothers to put their titles on the line under perhaps the most convoluted set of rules in WWE history: Province of Quebec Rules.

The rules allowed for the titles to change hands on both count-outs and disqualifications. Also, piledrivers, moves from the top rope and throwing your opponent over the top rope were illegal. Initially, Rick and Scott adjusted to the perplexing rules very well, outclassing the Quebecers inside the squared circle. However, the champions’ fiery attitude backfired on them in the end. Polo’s hockey stick ended up in the ring. Scott grabbed it from Jacques’ hands and clocked the Quebecer with it in front of the official, costing him and his brother the titles. (WATCH FULL MATCH)