The 50 greatest WWE World Heavyweight Championship Matches ever!

#50 Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels: Survivor Series 1997 (Nov. 9, 1997)

At Survivor Series 1997, speculation ran rampant that WWE Champion Bret Hart was preparing to head to Atlanta and join WCW. The sold-out Molson Centre in Montreal was electric as Hart battled Shawn Michaels in what was potentially the final chapter of their bitter rivalry. The course of the battle played out no differently than the struggles between the legendary Superstars in the past. The WWE Universe was on the edge of their seats, wondering, “If Hart wins, does he join WCW as WWE Champion?”

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Of course, Mr. McMahon ensured that the WWE Championship did not make it to Atlanta. In an attempt to gain a psychological advantage against the “Hit Man,” HBK locked Hart in his trademark Sharpshooter. As The Excellence of Execution attempted to reverse the hold, Mr. McMahon ordered the referee to call for the bell. Although Hart never submitted, Michaels was awarded the WWE Title in a moment that will forever be known as The Montreal Screwjob. — KEVIN POWERS