The 31 scariest Superstars ever!

#31 The Sinister Minister

The Sinister Minister didn’t debut in ECW until 2000, but with his bright red suit and demonically long fingernails, he quickly became one of the Extreme organization’s most terrifying performers. And that’s saying something. The Minster’s natural talents originally led to him becoming a narrator of sorts for ECW’s television show — their very own hardcore Cryptkeeper. But it wasn’t until he was paired with Mikey Whipwreck that he truly began terrorizing ECW.

The Minister seemed to have control over the former underdog ECW Champion. Mikey dyed his hair a blazing crimson to match his new devilish lord’s suit and was paired with Yoshihiro Tajiri as The Unholy Alliance. As frenetic as they were in the ring, their backstage interviews were simultaneously comical, bizarre and frightening. As Mikey and Tajiri cackled in crazed delight, The Sinister Minister would conjure up fireballs straight out of his hands.

Watch The Sinister Minister get weird in ECW

“Smart, articulate, creative, with a wicked sense of humor,” Paul Heyman said of The Minister. “No one was more warped in the warped world of ECW than The Sinister Minister.” — ZACH LINDER