The 25 Wildest Ring Animals

The Red Rooster

You’ve got to hand it to Terry Taylor: Even in his darkest hour, the man had a cock-a-doodle can-do attitude. With a herky-jerky gate and a searing-red mohawk jutting from the middle of his parted, blond hair, Taylor made a startling transformation in the late 1980s from a technically gifted, if plain-looking, competitor into a human rooster. The metamorphosis had many a WWE fan asking, “What the cluck?” (WATCH RED ROOSTER)

But for the marginal population of the WWE Universe that supported WWE’s top fowl Superstar, Taylor bestowed the nickname “Rooster Boosters,” and he thanked them gladly in interviews while promising to “claw” his way to the top of WWE. Taylor will forever be considered a talented ring general, but as The Red Rooster, let’s not mince birds: He never made it out of the henhouse.