The 25 Wildest Ring Animals

The Shark

The otherworldly Dungeon of Doom boasted a truly bizarre cast, but none of the stable’s freakish evildoers terrified galeophobes more than The Shark. As The Shark, 500-pound former WWE Title contender John “Earthquake” Tenta went the distance in trying to convince opponents he wasn’t above chomping off their limbs. With shark teeth painted dutifully on his cheeks and the words “Shark Attack” scrawled on his tights, there would be absolutely no confusing in which marine creature Tenta found inspiration. (WATCH SHARK VS. SCOTT NORTON)

Like most Dungeon of Doomers, however, Shark had trouble keeping his head above water in the crowded ocean known as mid-’90s WCW. After suffering the embarrassment of having half of his head shaved on national TV, Tenta began distancing himself from the “Shark” moniker in an attempt to become a more serious threat. In an interview on Monday Nitro, Tenta famously declared, “I’m not The Shark. I’m not a fish. I’m not an avalanche. [Another of Tenta’s personas.] “I’m a man.”

His admission made it safe to go back in the water of sports-entertainment.