The 25 most personal grudges in history

24. Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton

Mick Foley never backed away from an opportunity to remind the WWE Universe of why he’s so reverentially referred to as The Hardcore Legend. In late 2003, however, Randy Orton upped the ante by dismissing Foley, who had walked out of a match with Orton on Raw, as a “coward.” Adding insult to injury was the phlegm-thick loogie Orton hawked in the face of Foley after the fact.

The ultimate act of insolence came weeks later when Foley was finally immortalized on Raw with a special “This is Your Life” segment hosted by The Rock. Disrupting the ceremony were Orton and his Evolution cohorts, who trounced Foley and The Rock. Later, The Legend Killer would ambush The Hardcore Legend backstage, smashing a bottle over his head and kicking him down a stairwell. (WATCH)

The rivalry came to a head at Backlash 2004, when Foley, still semi-retired, challenged for Orton’s Intercontinental Championship in a Hardcore Match. (WATCH) With Orton’s allegations of cowardice still ringing in Foley’s ears, Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy sent Orton flying onto a bed of thumbtacks. In the end, it was an RKO onto a barbed wire baseball bat that earned Orton the victory that night — one of many huge wins over a WWE icon that helped cement Orton’s reputation as The Legend Killer.