The 25 most personal grudges in history

#5 The Undertaker vs. Kane

Well, if your half-brother set you on fire as a kid, chances are you’d bear a bit of a grudge toward him, too. The animosity between The Undertaker and Kane is almost larger than life. Their confrontations are the in-ring equivalent of a 12-car pileup and usually leave both men the worse for wear. Your typical sibling rivalry usually features some passive-aggressive comments and the occasional fisticuffs, but Kane and The Undertaker have, at different times, buried each other alive, trapped each other in a coffin or set each other ablaze (and, once in a while, all at the same time), which we think says pretty much all that needs to be said about the state of affairs between the two.

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Through the years, Kane has labored to break free of big brother’s shadow, which he finally managed to do in 2010 when he put The Deadman into a vegetative state and held The Undertaker’s “holy grail,” the World Heavyweight Championship, in his demonic clutches for five months. Of course, The Phenom would not take the insult lying down. So Kane buried him alive. You know, typical brotherly stuff.